Allied Telesis Parabolic Antenna Directional antenna N-type 19dBi network antenna

Manufacturer part number AT-TQ0261E
Vendor Allied Telesis

Short Description
Parabolic Antenna, 2.4GHz, 19dBi, 15/15°

A dish-shaped, directional antenna with a radiation lobe similar to that of a panel antenna. It is usually larger than a panel and has a higher gain. Parabolic antennas are suitable for long distance point-to-point links.

Gain expresses how much an antenna enhances its transmitted and received signals relative to a simple dipole. Gain is expressed in dB and is logarithmic.

De!nes the position in space of electrical and magnetic !elds. The best signal transfer happens when both transmitting and receiving antennas have the same polarization. A 90° difference in polarization between transmitting and receiving antennas may produce up to -30dB of signal attenuation.

Loss is the attenuation, or reduction in power, of a system, expressed in dB. All cables and connector devices have a loss variable and must be considered when designing a wireless system, especially when directional antennas are used
Antenna type Directional antenna
Antenna connector type N-type
Polarization Vertical polarization
Mounting Wall
Purpose Outdoor
Antenna gain level (max) 19 dBi
Frequency band 2.4
Horizontal beam width (2.4 GHz) 15°
Vertical beam width (2.4 GHz) 15°
NETGEAR Antenna model ANT24D18 - 18 dBi Patch Panel Directional Antenna
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ProSafe, 10dBi 2x2, 2400 - 2500MHz, 700g
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Antenna - Cellular, Magnet Mount, Dual Band, 4.0 dBi
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